Insurance disputes and problems happen at the worst possible times.  Most of us are fortunate enough that we do not have to make a claim against our insurance policy, but problems do happen.  We all know problems happen.  The reason we plan and budget and make paying our insurance premiums a priority is because we are trying to protect what we have worked so hard to get.  Then when tragedy strikes, our claim is denied or only partially approved.  Now our suffering is multiplied.

On top of the original loss – the one we thought we were insured for – the Insurance Company piles on a second loss – a denial of coverage.  These losses are compounded by the fact that the friendly agent that sold us the insurance policy is now prohibited from handling our claim.  Instead we receive phone calls and emails from a stranger identified as an insurance adjuster or “claims specialist” telling us about all of the hoops we must jump through and hurdles we need to clear before the insurance company will even consider our claim.  They tell us that we don’t need a lawyer and that IF the insurance company pays anything at all, it will pay only a fraction of the amount we paid for under the terms of our policy.

This can be a very confusing time.  Insurance policies are extremely complex.  Most policies are multiple pages with several separate endorsements, exclusions, restrictions, and exceptions to the exclusions. The policies contain technical jargon, complicated legal terms, and paragraphs that seem to conflict with other terms of the policy.  The policies are confusing.

Headaches, shattered nerves, and that sick feeling in your stomach all add to the problems already suffered.  A stack of papers that were written by the insurance company have to be analyzed.  This is when you need Guenin Law.

We have experience dealing with Insurance Companies.  We can analyze an Insurance policy and determine what you are owed.  We can show an Insurance company that you are not alone in figuring out your coverage.  Guenin Law will assist you in getting the coverage you bargained for – the coverage you paid for.

We have had clients that were told the coverage provided by an Insurance Company to this large corporation was only an additional $25,000.  The injuries our client suffered were much greater than $25,000.  Our client’s doctor bills and lost wages would not even be covered by that amount.  After litigating the issue in Federal Court, we successfully received an Order from the Judge telling the Insurance Company that its policy actually provided $2,000,000.00 in coverage for our client.  Shortly thereafter, the case successfully settled.  Our injured client received the compensation she deserved.  

Don’t try to handle technical insurance disputes alone.  You need and deserve knowledgeable and experienced lawyers that will work for you.  The Insurance Company has hundreds, if not thousands of lawyers that work for them every day.  Often the insurance company’s lawyers’ purpose is to convince you to settle quickly – this pushes your recovery down and it saves the Insurance Company money.  The money they work to keep for the Insurance Company is the money you have been paying in your premiums.

When you have a dispute with an Insurance Company, contact Guenin Law.  We can help.