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Over 61 Years of Combined Legal Experience

About Guenin Law


Guenin Law helps people when they need it. Emily and Mark have a combined 61 years of legal experience. As a Daughter and Father team, they focus their practice on Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Products Liability, and Business Litigation. They have developed a reputation as skilled courtroom litigators with a deep understanding of the law, as well as an understanding of the practical skills needed to communicate to Judges and Jurors.

People who are injured often face obstacles and challenges created by Defendants hoping to avoid responsibility for their choices and actions. A part of Guenin Law’s mission is to hold those responsible for physical and financial injuries accountable. Oftentimes this can be done by working with opposing counsel, the Defendants’ insurance companies, and the claims adjusters. In those cases, when a reasonable settlement is obtained, then no trial is required. But if there is no agreement and the Defendants refuse to step up and pay for all of the damage done, then Emily and Mark bring their Client’s case to the Courtroom. The Jury and Judge then decide.


Emily and Mark firmly believe that a case must be carefully developed from the beginning. Gathering information from witnesses, working with knowledgeable experts, and coordinating with medical care providers are critical to case preparation. Guenin Law develops these relationships so that your story can be told. 


Mark was in practice for just over 20 years when his daughter, Emily, graduated from Indiana University Law School and joined Guenin Law. Within a few months, together they successfully argued their first case before the Indiana Supreme Court. This was Emily’s first official appearance before any court, and they protected a jury verdict for an injured person. This victory ensured that the money owed by that Defendant’s insurance company would be paid to their client.


Most Defendants do not have any interest in going to Court. Many would be willing to admit their responsibility for the injuries they caused, whether physical or financial. However the insurance companies that insure these Defendants often control the defense of the case. Frequently it is the insurance companies who decide whether the case will proceed to trial or is settled. It is Emily and Mark’s job to represent their clients, prepare their clients’ case, negotiate with the insurance companies, and if a reasonable settlement cannot be reached, then Emily and Mark will take the case to Court.

Proven Legal Record

Courtroom Success

Emily and Mark enjoy preparing, negotiating, and trying cases together. Making a person’s life better when they have suffered so much is why we do what we do.

Over the last several years, Emily and Mark have had multiple multi-million dollar verdicts. Some have proceeded all the way to the Indiana Supreme Court and to the Idaho Supreme Court. We have had multi-million dollar settlements which required the balancing of several competing interests. Securing sufficient money to repair what can be repaired, to help what can be helped, and to make up for what cannot be repaired or helped is our goal. Sometimes justice demands millions of dollars. Sometimes it may be only thousands of dollars. But regardless, when people need our help, we are here.


Trial Experience

Oral Argument Videos

Most cases in Indiana are decided by trial courts; however, in the event a party disagrees with a determination, they have the right to appeal the Court's decision. Statistically, appearing before the Court of Appeals of Indiana or the Indiana Supreme Court is rare. In 2020, the Court of Appeals of Indiana received 2,527 appeal filings and heard only 20 oral arguments. During its 2021 fiscal year, the Indiana Supreme Court received 724 appeal filings and heard 47 Oral Arguments.  Mark and Emily have had the distinction of presenting cases before the Indiana Court of Appeals and Indiana Supreme Court on numerous occasions.

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