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Our Incredible Team

Meet the Team

Mark C. Guenin

Mark knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a lawyer. Even though as a young boy in a farming community he had little direct knowledge of what a lawyer actually did. Driving a tractor for hours each summer day gives you a long time to think about what is important in your life. Mark started driving tractors when he was 7. It was during these early years that he determined to be a lawyer. A college education was not common in his community. Law degrees were rarer.  Mark completed law school in 2 ½ years, passing the Indiana State Bar Examination a full semester prior to his graduation.


Mark counts three different occasions when by rights, he should have been killed or crippled before the age of thirteen. Surviving by grace, these experiences provide a fearlessness in taking on the giant Insurance industry when it attempts to “short change” or take financial advantage of the suffering of another person.


Over the past 40 years Mark has developed and gained a high level of working knowledge that reflects a combination of common sense and extraordinary experience.  


Mark, together with his daughter and legal partner Emily, has handled cases involving clients, experts, and fact witnesses from Maine to California and Florida to Idaho. Most of these cases involve insurance companies, personal injury, and wrongful death. Hard work, careful preparation and knowledge of the law have resulted in millions of dollars in recoveries for their clients. 


Mark and his wife Diane have been married for over 40 years. They have three adult daughters – Emily, Natalie, and Lindsey; and six grandchildren – Troy, Laney, Drew, James, Cale, and Luna.

Mark Guenin CV

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Emily C. Guenin-Hodson

Within months of graduating law school and joining Guenin Law, Emily became one of the youngest attorneys to argue a case in front of the Indiana Supreme Court. After that first successful appeal, Emily and Mark have co-authored numerous appellate briefs which have benefited their clients. Their efforts have successfully resolved car crashes, semi-truck crashes, construction failures underinsured motorist insurance claims (UIM), uninsured motorist insurance claims (UM), product failures, plant explosions, electrocutions, fire losses, and insurance coverage disputes.

Guenin Law’s trial work and appeal work led them to become involved in the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association which is dedicated to preserving the constitutional rights of open access to the courts and equal protection under the law for all persons in Indiana. The organization includes approximately 1,000 members throughout the state of Indiana. Emily currently serves as a member of the ITLA Executive Committee.  

At Guenin Law we recognize that each of our clients have a unique story and we are passionate about making sure those stories are told. Each person and each case is important. Each story needs to be researched, developed, and told in a way that allows for a just outcome. This is what Mark and Emily strive to do.

Emily is married to Jeff Guenin-Hodson and they have two sons, Troy and Drew.

Emily Guenin-Hodson CV

Tuesday Bucher

“I have been blessed and proud to be a Guenin Law team member since May of 1999. I’m also happy to say I am a born, raised, and grown Wabash County resident. I graduated from Northfield High School and married my high school sweetheart, Ted, a city boy and Wabash High School graduate. Together we raised twins who both currently remain Wabash County residents raising their children, our 6 grandchildren, in this outstanding community.”

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